Lucy is battling a form of Lukemiea at Seattle Children's. With little to no options left for treatment, she dreamed to visit Disney Land again. We were able to send her family on a wonderful trip to make many memories. 


It was planned for Lincoln to visit Hawaii during his fight with relapsed neuroblastoma. There just wasn't enough time so HHH sent Lincoln's family to Kauai after he passed away to find peace.


Rachel is fighting a relapse with Medulloblastoma (Brain tumor) and we were able to financially help with her supplements as well as send their family for a fun weekend at Suncadia Resort.


In her fight against Relapsed ATRT (brain tumor) Danica's family dreamed to visit Disney Aulani in Hawaii. We sent their family to Ohau for one week, where she got a very special meet and greet with Moana!