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On December 28th, 2015, our world shattered when we learned our youngest son, Hunter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Upon learning the tumor was cancerous and had spread throughout his brain and spine, he immediately went in for surgery, then began a nearly yearlong treatment of chemotherapy and proton radiation. 

At the end of treatment Hunter was declared cancer free. It would be only just 9 months later we would find the cancer had returned. With no options left, we faced the devastating reality that Hunter would not win this battle. 

On March 23, 2018 our sweet Hunter took his last earthly breath and returned home to heaven. It would also be the very first day of our grief journey. 

Through Hunter's battle we were helped by so many people. We knew that because of the help we received we wanted to do the same for kids like Hunter. Often, by the time a child is declared terminal, a lot of offered help has already been exhausted. We  specifically help terminal pediatric cancer patients because they have a number of days left on their life. And no family should be worried about not letting their child live life to the fullest before they pass. We want to make dreams come true and happiness a possibility for these families who don't have the funds or assistance to make it happen on their own. 

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